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The premium class in car wash.

Can you make the world’s most successful car wash even better? We can. What does it mean when we say that our new car wash is ‘smart’ ? Quite simply – that it sets a new unique standard for car washes everywhere. Because it is improved and optimized in many ways. Because it is so reliable and robust. Because it guarantees maximum availability. And because you can drive your car wash business to new heights with innovative solutions.

The smartest car wash in every dimension.

  • Smart, because of maximum availability

Monitoring, intelligent data acquisition and remote connection help you avoid downtimes.

  • Smart, thanks to remote access

Easily control all settings individually: whether chemical dosing or wash programs.

  • Smart, because it offers maximum flexibility and freedom

Wash program configuration, control and adjustments are easier than ever and can be perfectly customized to your car wash business at any time.

  • Smart, thanks to intelligent and efficient control

For maximum washing quality, speed and sales.

  • Smart, thanks to impressive performance in all 4 dimensions

Quality, Speed, Convenience, Look & Feel.

Remote control.


Because it intelligently supports you car wash business.

Smart means breaking new ground. Monitor and control your car wash business individually at any  time with remote access. Easy, convenient, fast, integrated. 

And above all, successful.

Remote control.

Imagine that you had comprehensive access to your car wash at any time from anywhere. Impossible? Not with Mark VII SmartCare.

Thanks to remote access, you can easily monitor and control all settings individually: whether that be chemical consumption, chemical dosing or wash programs. Just as your business demands.

The revolution in wash programs

Become your own program director. Remote Access allows you to create and adapt your wash programs to your individual needs, such as creating promotional offers or programs for specific customers. There is no need for a service technician visit on site for setting up or adapting your wash programs.


Always perfectly adjusted

SmartCare is the first car wash that you can easily adjust individually. Thanks to remote access / remote control, you can optimize the balance between best quality and highest speed according to the situation – with just one click. Simple and without expert assistance.




Because it doses chemicals perfectly.

For the rest of the industry, once set, the same chemicals are always dosed the same way, regardless of the washing situation. That was yesterday.

Mark VII SmartCare enables intelligent dosing, perfectly tuned to the desired washing process.

Chemical dosing.

Poor washing results are often caused by too little chemicals.


The first car wash that doses individually

Whether for normal or problematic zones on the vehicle: Mark VII SmartCare automatically doses the chemicals more efficiently and adaptably than ever before. Where they are needed.


The first car wash whose settings you can easily customize

Thanks to remote access, you can conveniently control the dosing of the chemicals depending on the program with just one click. In line with your car wash’s current requirements.

Adaptive control.


Because it operates without expert knowledge.

Remember the time when every setting adjustment of your car wash meant one thing above all else: effort and insider knowledge?


Mark VII SmartCare marks the dawn of a new era: more simplicity, more convenience, more efficiency for your business.

Adaptive control.

With Mark VII SmartCare you can control your car wash easily and individually depending on the workload. Your customers benefit from more flexibility and you increase throughput at peak times – for more sales.


Become an expert – in no time. Because you can fine tune your desired wash programs as required at the touch of a button.

Magic formula QBS

QBS stands for Quality Balanced Speed. It means that you can conveniently set each wash program and wash step. Without effort, without technicians, without expert knowledge.


This allows you to adapt your Mark VII SmartCare ideally to the season or even to daily peak times. And get the most out of your car wash.


All functions can be controlled and adjusted via remote access. Today’s car wash business couldn’t be simpler.



Because intelligent sensors ensure precise control.

A soft-wash with flexibilty.

Hatchbacks, rear spoilers or hard-to-reach places on SUVs and other vehicles were often not properly cleaned.
The improved sensor technology guarantees precise control. Problem solved: Mark VII SmartCare sets the standard with improved Smart Brush Control and MultiFlex.

MultiFlex – the brush that washes the rear at an angle

Enhanced sensor and control technology makes it possible. The multi-dimensional side brush adapts flexibly to the slanting rear. With separate swivel axes, the MultiFlex side brushes wash with perfect contact from the rear of the vehicle to the C-pillar.


The result

Better rear cleaning, higher customer loyalty and more sales for you.

Smart Brush Control – perfect brush control for every side contour

The SofTecs side brushes are controlled via improved sensor-based control system in combination with an infinitely variable tilting position. In conjunction with an optimally matched brush diameter, this allows a high feed-in angle of the lateral contour to be achieved with optimum contact pressure – from the roof edge to the sill. Smart Brush Control is simple, effective and delivers excellent washing results.



Because your customers will love it.

Spectactular foam experience

Mark VII SmartCare combines the best chemicals with perfect foam application for a real show experience. For excellent results and excited, loyal customers.

Pre-wash perfection.

Perfection is when the best chemicals, innovative technology and a spectacular washing experience come together.


Perfect wash results

Thanks to the swivelling spray nozzles, Mark VII SmartCare ensures optimal alignment and the foam is applied more evenly across the entire surface, both on small and large vehicles. At the same time, high performance chemicals guarantee outstanding wash results.

Perfect washing experience

With FoamTecs and Triple Foam, you can offer your customers a spectacular foam experience. FoamTecs covers the vehicle with a closed, color illuminated foam curtain – a real customer magnet.

Easy to maintain

The “Quickfit” spray nozzles are easy to maintain without tools and effort and always remain in the perfect position.

Wash options.


Because your customers have options.

People like choices. SmartCare allows your customers to choose soft-touch, touch-free, or a combination wash.

One machine.

SmartCare gives your customers the best of both worlds.

SofTecs material safely and effectively cleans the vehicles surface to perfection. If your customer prefers a touch-free wash, high pressure TurboNozzles blast dirt and grime off the vehicle and, with the help of proper chemical dosing, the vehicle is left with an exceptional shine.


Take your customer’s experience to the next level with a combination wash that utilizes the cleaning power of our SofTecs material and TurboNozzles technology. Your customer will be delighted with a clean, dry, shiny car.

High pressure.


Because it washes with absolute precision.

Are dirty vehicles with rugged surfaces a problem?
No, these are simply challenges that Mark VII SmartCare tackles with high pressure.

High pressure.

Thanks to powerful high-pressure, Mark VII SmartCare ensures gleaming wash results, even with extremely dirty vehicles.


The optimized TuborNozzles – Mark VII SmartCare’s rotating spot spray nozzles – guarantee optimal pre-cleaning with a powerful high-pressure jet. With pinpoint accuracy in the front, rear and in the sill areas.


And the perfect spraying angles ensure a high-pressure wash all-over, efficiently and with outstanding results.



Because it’s ground-breaking in every way.

Form follows function – is the credo of modern design. Mark VII SmartCare is also ground-breaking in this regard. Combining form, function and individuality in a unique way – it adds a new dimension to your car wash business.


Diversity that stands out

Attract and inspire your customers with the design and array of colors, which you can choose from the factory.
And if you want to offer your customers something special, you can also design Mark VII SmartCare according to your individual requirements.

Design makes all the difference

The modern design is inviting and immediately catches the eye.
This is how you attract customers.

High-quality glass

The high-quality safety glass is back-printed and resistant to chemicals, easy to clean and durable. In addition, the LEDs are protected behind the glass.

Nice, safe and attractive

It’s nice when your customers are guided into the car wash in a friendly and modern way. Even nicer if they also experience a new sense of safety thanks to the exceptional wash width. And the nicest thing for you is when the exceptionally attractive design and guidance system bring new customers to your car wash.



Service, as you need it –

nationwide and tailored to your needs.

Mark VII offers you the largest manufacturer service network in the industry. Regular and thorough maintenance saves cost-intensive repairs and long downtimes. With our tailor-made maintenance contracts, you benefit from long-term investment security and maximum system uptime.

Smart for your business. Contact us for a consultation appointment.

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